Ingrown Toenail Remedies for a Worry-Free Vacation

ingrown toenail remedies

You’re in a vacation, sprawling white sand beach, sparkling crystal waters and a myriad of enhancing activities lined up. The tropical sun kissing your city’s skin and the warm wind inviting you for a leisurely stroll. So you give in, a series of steps then you’re rudely halted; done, fixated on what seem to be your very own emerging tropical fauna, a fungal infection, right in your left foot, your toe a reddened blot amid the white pristine sand.

Your mouth widely gaping, asking what is it? Somewhere in a hygienic department of your brain you caught the answer; it’s an ingrown toenail. You had it once perhaps when you were in high school wearing those tight fancy shoes or when stuck your toes in the mud happily for an hour with your brothers and sisters.

Now again you have it, in your most inappropriate time; the difference is your mother is not there to hush you with her ingrown toenail remedies. You are basically stuck in a paradise filled with barefooted people frolicking, unmindful of your suddenly acquired timidness.

Like a self shooed cat, you find yourself alone, robbed by it if only you can remember any ingrown toenail remedies then maybe by tomorrow you will ease up and find yourself with the frolicking barefooted people, sun in your skin and sipping some coconut lemonade.  You raised you head, questioning, why, why, why, damning the fates of your self acquired ingrown toenails, then with a mild sweat beading down your eye lash; you bowed, like an endowed monk, more assured for you know exactly why it happened to you.

It was a combination of the desire to look painfully good with you some hefty priced pointy shoes and neglect on your screaming toes. Now your toe in its reddened glory take the center stage, reminding you in the most awkward place and time, why toes need your care, clumsy disregard them and they will be very vengeful and spiteful. They will make you pay in your most precious R and R moment; make you wish you have fancied them every single day.

Luckily for some us there are chest load of ingrown toenail remedies and facts that can be found readily in the internet. Ingrown toenail remedies that can be very helpful to those who heed their aching toes and keep them healthy; they can range from home remedies like soaking your foot in basin of hot water only as hot as you could withstand for about an hour or more four times a day. There is no need to add soap, salts, or antibacterial agents to the water. When trimming your nails, cut straight across the nail. In the middle of the nail, cut a small V consistently. This will serve to relieve the pressure. You can pack cotton under the nail to raise it away from the wound and usually it works well. When you cut the nail, don’t cut it too short. You need a slight overhang to avoid the nail from digging in for a second time.

There are more helpful ingrown toenail remedies at this site offers information about ingrown toenails from its symptoms to remedies that may save you from turning beach vacation to a one on one battle with your ingrown toenail pains.

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