Nature’s Gift: Natural Ingrown Toenail Remedies

Having an ingrown toenail is horrifyingly painful. People who experience this are looking for remedies just to get out of the excruciating pain it brings. The pain varies depending on the severity.

Individuals, at most instances, continuously search for the right ingrown toenail remedies. But, first and foremost, it is still advisable to seek consultation from a podiatrist (foot doctor) in order to advise them the suitable treatment. However, there have been known natural ingrown toenail remedies which are believed to be cost-efficient and can give relief.


Enlisted below are some of the helpful nature’s gifts in resolving pain from ingrown toenails.

1. Salt water – Soak your feet in a saline solution or salt water solution. Either of the solutions kills off bacteria that can precipitate infection. Soak for about 5 times a day for 30 minutes.

2. Lime and Lemon – Lime and lemon have acidic properties that reduce the chance of your ingrown to be infected.

3. Hydrogen Peroxide 10% plus water solution – Ingrown toenails can sometimes break out resulting to cuts and more prone to infection. With this solution, it prevents the ingrown toenails from harboring bacteria that causes infection.

4. Tea tree oil – Good for cleansing the area and prevents infection caused by opportunistic bacteria.


If you have an ingrown toenail, do not shy away of consulting treatment from experts. They could help you out in resolving it as soon as possible so that you won’t suffer from the aggravating pain you get from it.

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