Do You Have An Ingrown Toenail?

There can be several possible causes for having an ingrown toenail:
• Did you accidentally cut your toenail too short?
• Did you still choose to wear shoes that are too tight for your feet?
• Did you stub your toe on a hard surface?
• Did you play sports like soccer that involve you having to kick a ball repeatedly?

Whatever the cause, you are already suffering the consequences. Your toenail has now grown into the soft flesh of your toe. Your ingrown toe can be swollen and you can see redness and feel pain. You need to take this matter seriously because it may lead to an infection.

Serious red flags

You need to take note of the following to know whether simple home remedies can cure your ingrown toenail or if you need to seek medical attention as soon as possible:

• Do you feel like the pain is severe or even spreading?
• Has it been several years since your last tetanus booster shot?
• Has it already been three days of self-medication and still no improvement?
• Do you have diabetes, AIDS, or any illness that compromises your immune system?
• Are you currently undergoing chemotherapy?

If your answer is yes to any of the above questions, then you must see a doctor right away. Home remedies will not be effective in your case.

Your doctor may prescribe antibiotics to help cure your condition or he may suggest surgery to remove the ingrown toe itself. The necessary steps need to be taken to prevent any worst-case scenario.

Avoiding complications at home
As soon as you notice a slight discomfort or swelling in your toe, take immediate action to prevent further complications. You don’t want to wait until it turns into a full-blown infection before you begin treatment.

Some simple remedies involve immersing your feet in comfortably warm water with salt, drying your feet with a clean towel, administering an antibacterial solution on the ingrown toenail area, and finally wrapping the area with a clean bandage to prevent further infection.

Be conscious and careful
In order to avoid all the hassle and pain of an ingrown toenail, remember to take care of yourself. Wear proper-fitting footwear and watch your step. Be careful when cutting your toenails as well. The extra precautions you take will save you from potential unwanted infections in the future.

If you have more questions about ingrown toenails and remedies, several articles are available online. Just remember that it’s always best to ask your doctor first before trying any home remedies that involve antibiotics or any drugs.

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